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WBB is proud to have a long standing partnership with CEAT. Our shared values, passion, commitment and vision for exploration has cemented in many landmark events. CEAT first came on board WBB’s Across Shamshabari winter expedition in Feb 2021 as a tyre partner. From there, CEAT went on to become the TITLE SPONSOR on Zanskar & Beyond expeditions (two of them conducted back to back) in Aug 2021. Further we joined hands when CEAT became the title sponsor for Nagaland Offroad (India’s First Offroad Guidebook and App) in Dec 2022. 


In 2023, we undertook the historic Road to Siberia expedition together. CEAT All Terrain tyres and Winter Tyres powered this journey. 


In Jan 2024, we embarked on a shorter, yet exotic drive in Uganda wherein CEAT was our TITLE SPONSOR. 


WBB and CEAT continue to make history together. In 2024, we are together embarking on the historic Africa to Arabia expedition from Cape Town to Dubai, across 12 countries, covering over 26,000kms in 160 plus days on the road. What keeps us going is sheer spirit of exploration! 

Nidhi’s love for the Mahindra as a machine is well known in the expedition circles. Like she says it, the Mahindra is irreplaceable to the extreme terrain landscape at least in India. It is the ease of serviceability and field repair that sets it apart. WBB and Mahindra Adventure first partnered on the Mustang Overland Expedition in April 2021. In May 2019, Mahindra Adventure came on board as the vehicle partner for WBB’s first ever small group expedition in Nagaland called Muddy Tracks, Nagaland. 


Further WBB went on to lead and execute Mahindra Adventure’s Authentic Mustang in Nov 2019. The partnership went a step further in Jan 2021, when Mahindra Adventure once again became the vehicle partner on WBB’s Himalayan Winter Drive. In 2023 however, we made history together. Mahindra Adventure (being the vehicle partner), WBB took Indian Vehicles for the first time ever to a part of the globe which has been thought to be formidable and impossible. It bore testament to the engineering prowess and resilience of Indian made vehicles. 


Once again, in 2024, we are set to create history. Mahindra Adventure is the vehicle for the upcoming Africa to Arabia expedition.

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Shout Out to Like Minded Brands

WBB is open to brand partnerships. Brands who share our passion and commitment to steer forward of idea of pushing boundaries are most welcome to join hands. However, please note, we do not engage in barter partnerships. Expeditioning is serious business for us. Expeditions cost money, time and resources. A dedicated, professional, crew work on each of them. Yes, it costs money to undertake these historic landmark journeys. WBB will be happy to explore partnership possibilities with like-minded brands in exchange for a sponsorship fee.

Do reach out Nidhi, the Founder, to take forward the conversation. She can be reached on +91 9717002058.

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