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Quick Facts

  • Start Date: 5th Aug 2023
  • End Date: 30th Sept 2023
  • Start Point: Greater Noida
  • End Point: Magadan, Russia
  • Duration: 58 days
  • Level of Difficulty: Tough (from a sheer endurance standpoint)
  • Countries involved: India, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Russia
  • Cost: INR 12L – 15L per head
  • Vehicles: self-owned Mahindra Thar/Scorpio/XUV 500/XUV700 which will need to comply with expedition requirements
  • Tone & Tenor: self-reliant, expeditionary, participatory with team roles
  • Max convoy size: 12



Setting off from the Nation’s capital, New Delhi, we head  to Nepal first and cross over to Tibet. With Everest Base Camp (North, Tibet) as the first highlight, we drive further to Lhasa before entering mainland China. Crossing Chengdu, we move to Xian to meet the Terracota warriors, and further towards Beijing stopping at the Hukou water (the largest waterfall on the Yellow river Hwango Ho) enroute. Further through Erenhot, we enter the Land of Genghis Khan, Mongolia. A rugged 11 days in this forgotten paradise crossing the Gobi desert from South to North, meadows, rivers, meeting locals tribes, giving in ger camps, we touch Ulan Bataar, the capital. From here, the drive towards Russia to reach the historic, vast, living museum of Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia, Russia. Post a visit to the Baikal Nature Reserve, we enter Buryatia, an ancient land of Old Believers in Siberia. Here’s where the conservative Christians of the Eastern Church in Russia sought refuge on being banished when the New Testament came in with the advent of ink in the 1700s. The vast, uninhabited, thickly forested Taiga, was ideal.  Ulaan Ude, a unique city that boasts of inter-continental climate, seeing both a +40 & -40 degree centigrade each year, offers a warm entry to this land. A cultural experience with the Old Believers at Tarbagatai, cements the understanding of the land and its people. Post this,  we are all set to traverse straight north east towards Yakutia in the Sakha Republic of Siberia.


We move to enter land that is the only remaining remnant from the Ice Age on our planet. Most of Yakutia is permafrost. Inhabited by the Yakut people, originally an Arctic tribe, Yakutsk the capital boasts of rich geological history. The permafrost museum gives an insight to the earth while the Woolly Mammoth museum offers a curious peek into life in the Ice age. From Yakutsk, we hit the infamous Road of Bones to Magadan. Built by prisoners in the Siberian gulags, this historic track is entirely made of permafrost where in the active freezes and defreezes, causing slush, basis outside temperature. A short detour leads us to Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold or the coldest inhabited place on earth. Every winter, this region sees temperatures as low as -65 to -70 degree centigrade. And yet, it’s a settlement. It’s fascinating to see how people have adapted to living in such extreme temperatures! Further, post a quick peep into the museum at Tomtor, we head back to the Kolyma highway to reach Magadan.


To join this EPIC drive, please reach out Nidhi your expedition leader on WhatsApp +91 9717002058

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