Wander Beyond Boundaries


After a really difficult section, very steep incline, the sheer joy that all of us had made it. Everyone had an elevated heart rate for sure. So flushed with adrenalin we were. I will always look back to this day whenever I am in doubt about what I am capable of.

Rashmi Koppar

I have done two overland drives with WBB and each time, it has been extraordinary. Something new and refreshing. Also the way it managed and led makes everyone feel welcome.

Cibi Gandhi

It's extreme overlanding for a reason. This pushes you to the edge. That was the beauty of this trip. You begin to realize how fascinating these vehicles are & bond with them in ways unimaginable!

Deepa Krishnan

I had never done anything like this in my life. Such a beautiful route! My driving has improved a lot. I am very glad that I decided to participate. I won’t miss such an opportunity ever. Thank you WBB!

Elango Srinivas

It’s been two years and to this day I miss this team. I had great fun and make friends for life! There can’t be another like this. So much fun, especially those final tasks in Lahual

Suneeti Sudame

I have really pushed my boundaries in every sense. I always wanted to drive on such terrain, but had never done it. This has been a huge learning experience. I am so much more confident. Driving in the city will never be the same now!

Nayana Chakrabarthy
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