Wander Beyond Boundaries

If tropical jungle, slush & mud, remote mud tracks, forgotten hamlets – truly back of beyond countryside excites you, then join us on this exciting, tough, yet hugely insightful drive on tracks and trails in the hinterland of Naga Land.

Besides the sheer geography and road, this land is also home to many forgotten tribes, quaint folk culture, exotic cuisine and more Log & Drum Naga Land is an offroader’s delight, a cultural spectacle & a true-blue opportunity to return to the basics!

Drive for over 1100kms on forgotten mud tracks that shall test both man and machine; most of these may only be traversed on by 4×4 vehicles. The trail is punctuated with non-descript hamlets, plenty of streams, some nasty inclines. Warm and hospitable people provide relief from the otherwise tough surroundings. Their life isn’t easy, but the sheer contentment & cheer is sure to make you rethink and calibrate your own lens for life.

Get ready for many logs & drums that spruce up this drive for the discerning traveler!


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