Wander Beyond Boundaries

Driving a 4×4 camper outfitted with roof tents and camping gear in the middle of the African bush, on long game drives, soaking up on breathtaking landscapes – rift valley, crater lakes, tropical evergreen jungle and the spectacular African savannah – that’s the ‘Pearl in the Bush’ for you. An overland drive that knits through 5 major national parks in Uganda, home to Africa’s Big Five, it offers opportunities to spot some of the most endangered species in the world in their natural habitat, away from the touristy and commercial feel (as in Tanzania and Kenya).


Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and the tree-climbing Savuti pride of lions, besides the many herds of elephants, hippos and a rich variety of herbivore game are top attractions. The route also touches the famous Murchison falls wherein the river Nile makes a jaw-dropping descent through a narrow gorge. As the African bush life crawls up every inch of your mind, body and soul, it also exposes you to simplicity, bare-bone living, joy and beauty to help you reflect, recalibrate, and construct a fulfilling life.


This overland drive is also ideal for families who wish to head out on an exotic wildlife experience driving their own 4wd camper. If life in the bush, driving besides lions and elephants on dirt tracks with your near and dear ones in remote corners of Africa has fascinated you, then join us to live every moment of it.


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