Wander Beyond Boundaries

If road trips, driving, driving, wilderness and remote corners of the world have been your bucket list wish, then this expedition brings it to fruition.


Headed to one of the most remote corners of the world, braving the most challenging road, whether that is anything but hospitable, steeped in fascinating cultural and regional history, or inhabited by friendly Yakutia people, this expedition reaches out to every driving enthusiast who has dreamt of driving on the toughest and remotest parts of the earth. This route crosses the Siberian region from the west to east, transcends three time zones and reaches Russia’s far east (also referred to as the edge of the world).


It provides a unique opportunity to explore the backcountry, absorb Yakutia culture, marvel at the natural wonders (remnants of the ice age), and visit Oymyakon – called the Pole of Cold, the coldest inhabited place on planet earth where temperatures drop to -71.6 degrees in peak winter. It also exudes the purity of the expeditionary travel – exposing you to the vagaries of a self-reliant expedition which is unique and highly enriching in itself. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the ardent driving, outdoors and adventure enthusiast. It is not only pushing boundaries on the outside but is deeply enhancing and rich experience within too.


By sheer nature of experience, demands of the road and weather, it pushes you to understand the threshold of your inner potential. If you are game and ready to embark on the mother of all possible extreme overland expeditions of the world, join us as we drive out to Russia’s Far East.



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